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What is the Queen’s Rowing Academy?

At present, the Rowing Academy is more of a term than a formal organisation. It represents the combined efforts of Lady Victoria Boat Club and Queen’s Sport to develop rowing at Queen’s. Rugby and GAA also have Academies at Queen’s. Each Academy is unique to its own sport and is structured differently.

The Queen's Rowing Academy supports both the Ladies’ and the Men’s Clubs.

What is the Rowing Academy Foundation?

The Rowing Academy Foundation receives donations from past rowers at Queen’s and anyone else who wishes to support rowing at Queen’s. As a charitable foundation, we can recover the tax on donations.  So for every £1 donated, the Foundation receives £1.28. The Rowing Academy Foundation is administered by the Queen’s University Alumni Office and payments made by the Foundation are jointly approved by Lady Victoria Boat Club and Queen’s Sport.

Whilst the Rowing Academy Foundation is and will continue to be a primary source of funding for the Rowing Academy, we will also be seeking additional funding from the University and other sources such as Corporate Sponsorship.

What are the plans for the Academy?

The long-term plans are to develop Queen’s rowing into a World Class University facility. Queen’s will be recognised internationally as a top rowing university, consistently winning national and international events.

The priorities in the first 2-3 years are to raise sufficient funds from the Rowing Academy Foundation to cover the costs of the Head Coach and quite possibly an Assistant Coach. Once we raise funds in excess of the Coaching costs, we will be able to assist in financing equipment purchases, training camps, scholarships etc.

Who benefits from the Academy?

All students rowing at Queen’s benefit from the Academy. We hope to offer scholarships in the future but this will not be to the detriment of any student rowing at the University. Lady Victoria Boat Club sees Novice rowing as the life blood of rowing at Queen’s and we will continue to support Novice rowing in the future.

How can I help?

The best way of showing your support for our efforts is to provide a recurring donation to the Rowing Academy. Fill out the pledge form below and we will prepare a Queen's University Belfast Donation Form and post it to you. (Contact us if you are outside the UK for the most efficient means of receiving your donation.)

Every donation makes a direct and lasting positive impact on the achievements of individual rowers and Queen's Rowing. Many kind thanks for your continued support!

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